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If you have a property that you would like to sell, we can assist you by providing qualified buyers. We buy houses nationally and retain a database of qualified buyers, including first time and lease-purchase buyers. These prospects are qualified buyers who may be qualified with a cash down payment and steady income but who may be in need of credit repair or other assistance to qualify them for a conventional mortgage. With our database of cash ready buyers who are looking for the kind of property that you have, and our Homeowner Solution Services Quick Sale Program, you will be able to solve your property sale and cash flow problems quickly. We will assist you in selling your property by: providing ready qualified cash buyers, lease-purchase buyers, or owner financing buyers; administering the deal; and providing refinancing assistance to qualified buyers of your home at the end of the lease-purchase contract term. And we assist you by providing the expert knowledge you will need to properly market your property – as many homeowners fail to sell their homes because they are not aware of the specialized knowledge and methods needed to effectively market them.

Or, we can assist you by helping you turn your negative cash flow investment property into a positive one through our asset-based financing services, and buy or help you locate qualified buyers for your home, with the complete homeowner solution services that we provide to homeowners nationally.

Further, once you have entered into a purchase agreement, owner finance or rent-to-own arrangement with one of our qualified buyers, we will help you accelerate and double the possibility of selling your house, in doing so. And we will help ready these buyers for homeownership by working with them every step of the way in achieving the eventual homeownership and purchase of your property, by assisting them with any credit repair issues that they may need to better obtain financing at the end of the lease-purchase term; and even assist you by providing lenders that they may be the most compatible with for refinancing at the end of the negotiated contract term, to help ensure a smooth final sale of your property.

You have worked hard all of your life to attain your hard-earned assets and did not do so to loose your home to foreclosure, or sit by and watch the tax collectors, vandals, and circumstances that have paralyzed the use of your assets, stop your progress. Stop being a victim of circumstance and start taking action to turn your negative situation around.

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